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U-Turn - The Road to Academic Success

U Turn

By Joanna Lilley | CASA


Schedules are finalized and students are already in full swing through yet another semester.  We’re closing in on the time where students will most likely be taking their first exams in each class.  And right around the corner, we’ll be offering the inaugural Spring U-Turn!  In case you’re not familiar, U-Turn is a single-day academic success expo that serves as a “one-stop-shop” to get students back on track.  Although we encourage students who receive a “U” and those on academic probation to attend this event, it is open to any current CSU student.  You might be asking, “what does the ‘U’ do?”  Most professors assign students a “U” if they are not passing and/or at-risk of not passing the class at this point in the semester.  From there, professors and staff are reaching out to these students encouraging them to attend U-Turn.  If you are curious, I encourage you to ask your student if they received a “U,” as it’s not something a student should take lightly.


At U-Turn, students will meet individually with one staff member to discuss some of their academic challenges up to this point in the semester.  From there they will brainstorm on-campus resources the student ought to connect with, and then create an “action plan.” This action plan allows each student to identify specifically three changes they need to make and the steps they need to take to help them “make a U-Turn” in their academic performance.


All students find this event beneficial as it serves as an opportunity to discuss what has been hindering their academics and collaborate on ways to make a change.  It can be hard to ask for help, especially if a student doesn’t know where to begin.  At CSU, we try to create that opportunity to ask at U-Turn.  It’s never too late to change your direction and steer towards academic success!


This semester, U-Turn will take place on Thursday, March 3rd from 11am to 4 pm in the TILT building.  


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Commencement Information: Celebrate your graduate!

Grad Pack

If you have a student graduating in May … congratulations! This is a very exciting time for both you and your student. Since graduation will be here soon, we encourage you to talk with your student about ordering a cap and gown. The deadline to order is Sunday, April 3rd.

Grad Pack prices start at $43 and include:

  • Cap, gown, and tassel rental 
  • Alumni Association Annual Membership
  • 20% Diploma frame discount

To view additional Grad Pack options or to place an order, click here


Official CSU License Plates make a great gift!

Still looking for the perfect graduation gift? Your student will love to show their Ram Pride on the road with official CSU license plates. The Colorado Annual Grad Pack includes all items in the Annual Grad Pack, plus official CSU license plates!

Learn more about or purchase a Colorado Grad Pack here.

Questions? Please contact the Alumni Association at (800) 286-2586. 

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