Dear CSU Parents and Families


We hope you are well!  Our semester is off to a great start, especially with the recent Lory Student Center (LSC) Grand Opening!  It’s so exciting to observe students, parents and family members, staff, faculty, and the broader community spending time in our LSC now that almost all aspects of the re-vitalization endeavor are complete.  The LSC is truly the “campus community center” full of activity, diversity, and opportunity!  We want to continue encouraging you to touch base with your student, no matter their year in school, about ways to get connected on campus.  The LSC is just one of many great places for this to happen! 

As we noted last month, this time of year begins the process of planning for next year in terms financing school, where to live, and for some—graduation!  This edition is full of additional information re: these topics and more!  It’s important to keep in mind that the spring semester goes fast so touching base with your student about either preparing for their CSU experience next year or for adventures beyond CSU—is key.  Thus, please remember that Parent & Family Programs is here to partner with you if questions or concerns arise.  At the same time, connecting with other parents and family members via our Facebook Group can provide you with additional support.  Please note the article on the importance of the CSU Parent & Family Facebook Group by Lisa Camino (mother of CSU alumnus, Kevin, 2013). 

While we have experienced some relatively warm weather recently there was a blanket of snow on the ground this morning. Hopefully your students have both shorts and snow boots at the ready for whatever climate occasion. Regardless, please encourage your students to participate in campus activities such as sporting events, Black History Month programs, the Confucius Institute Spring Festival Celebration, a campus symphony or orchestra concert, and the list goes on! 

Take care,

John and Erin

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Key Campus Deadlines & Upcoming Events In February

Spring semester is in session and has started to gain some momentum! While the semester begins to pick up its pace, be sure to pay attention to important deadlines, tools and events that will help your student stay prepared and organized. Class Registration closes today, February 4th. Please be sure that your student is speaking with an advisor before dropping or adding any classes for the spring semester. As always TILT has great seminars throughout the month to help ensure the success of students; encourage your student to attend workshops on note taking and critical thinking or utilize other services TILT offers. February 11th is the annual Founder’s Day celebration on the plaza, remind your student to stop by and celebrate 145 years of CSU at 1:45pm! Events celebrating Black History Month will be taking place throughout February. Lastly, the “All Campus Career Fair” is February 18th and a great way to begin looking for summer internships! There are a ton of great things happening this month, for more information check out our University Events Calendar!   

Here are some additional resources that might be helpful to you this month: 

Here are some important dates to remember:

Registration Closes – February 4, 2015 

Student Option Pass/Fail/Audit Grading Forms Due – February 4, 2015

-Parent and Family Programs

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All Campus Career Fair

Spring Is the Time to Help Your Student Prepare For Post-Graduation or Internship

By Summer S Shaffer | Assoc. Dir. Communications, Outreach & Technology, The Career Center

Spring semester is off to a start. Now, is the time to help your student prepare for what’s next.  Whether your student is a first year, sophomore or junior, spring is a fabulous time to help them start identifying and applying for internship opportunities.  Internships offer students an opportunity to gain experience in a field of interest.  Internships are traditionally the equivalent to one academic period and can be done for academic credit or not.  It is important for your student to discuss internship requirements with their academic advisor and/or career counselor to ensure meeting internship requirements in a timely manner. 

If your student is a senior and has not yet identified their plans after graduation it is important to start exploring options now.  The Career Center, along with the support of campus-wide partners, have a new program, Senior Year Career Meetings.  These meetings are one way in which The Career Center is committed to helping students thoughtfully identify their post-graduation plans.  If your student has not secured post-graduation plans (i.e., graduate school, volunteer service, employment, etc.) then it is important that s/he confirms a Senior Year Career Meeting soon as space is limited.  Students can confirm their Senior Year Career Meeting here

Spring semester is ripe with opportunities for students to explore employment and internship opportunities through the Career Fair, Diverse Reverse Fair, Connect Events and Industry Tours.  Encourage your student to attend as many student-employer events as possible.  The All Campus Career Fair on February 17 & 18 offers students access to over 100 different employers each day looking to hire Rams.  The Diverse Reverse Fair presented by Target is a unique event for students who identify with one or more traditionally underrepresented population(s) to meet with employers specifically seeking diverse talent.  This semester students have the opportunity to travel by bus to visit industry specific employers during the Colorado Industry Tours.   The Industry Tours this term are:

Marketing, Communication & PR Industry Tour on February 6

Politics & Industry Tour on March 6

Life Sciences Industry Tour on April 10 

One way to support your student this term is to share the many opportunities for them to meet with employers through Career Fairs, Connect Events and Industry Tours.  Before they attend any of these important recruiting events it is important that they prepare by working on their resume and researching the employers they are interested in.  The Career Center offers a preparation event called Resume Rush on Feb. 11, 12 & 16 from 10 am – 3 pm each day.  Resume Rush offers students the opportunity to get their resume critiqued by a resume expert.  In addition to Resume Rush students are encouraged to research employment opportunities offered at Career Fairs by downloading the CSU Career Fair App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or accessing it online.  In addition to these great tools The Career Center offers daily drop-in appointments in LSC, Room 120, check the website for times and details. 

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Parent Perspective: Join Colorado State Parents and Families on Facebook! 

By Lisa Camino | Proud CSU Parent

Did you know that CSU has provided a Facebook group for Colorado State Parents and Families?  J Bruce and I are parents of a CSU alumnus (Kevin, 2013).  We became CSU parents in the fall of 2009, when our oldest son began his freshman year.  We thought we were well prepared with all the guidance that was provided through his high school, and through our campus visits and orientation to the University.  There was written material to read and process, seminars for parents to address common questions and concerns, and encouragement to get on the mailing list and stay connected to the university through Ram Fam.  However, when we returned home to Southern California, we realized this was a huge life transition for us as parents as well as for Kevin.  There were times when I could have called Parent and Family Program staff daily, just because I needed to hear their reassurances that the adjustment would become easier for all of us.  It was so difficult to watch our son go through struggles from afar, and to feel unsure about how to support him while at the same time letting him learn those critical young adult lessons and skills.  Recommended books and newsletters were a terrific start, but we realized what we needed most was to talk to other parents who were going through similar experiences.  Southern California had no support group like this.  Believe us, we looked!

Back to Colorado State Parents and Families on Facebook.  If your student goes to CSU, we would highly encourage you to join this group.  It provides an online forum to connect with other parents, ask questions, share concerns, and most importantly get feedback from other parents.  What an opportunity to learn from each other, and to get the support we all need as parents.   If you are already on Facebook, join this group today!  If you are not already on Facebook, maybe this will be the reason to get started with your own page.  It only takes a few minutes!  As out of state parents, we believe that contact with other parents helped us to be less stressed.  When we were less stressed about our son, it ultimately benefitted him through both calm and challenging times.  Isn’t that what this transition is all about, supporting our young adult college students to successfully navigate this time in their lives?


Parent and Family Programs operate two Facebook pages. The Colorado State Parent & Family Programs Fan Page posts ongoing updates direct from our staff about what is going on around campus.

The Colorado State Parents & Families Group provides a forum to connect personally with other parents and family members on all things CSU related.

We would encourage you to join both if interested!

-Parent and Family Programs Team

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Off-Campus Living: The Beginning  

By Emily Allen | Off Campus Life

With the spring semester well underway, you may have noticed that recent conversations with your student have gone from chatting about their excitement for the semester to worrying about where they will live next academic year. Your student is likely feeling the pressure to find housing because they are inundated by advertisements from the rental industry pressuring them not to miss out on a great deal by “signing up today!” All of us in the Off-Campus Life Office are here to help make your student’s transition to living in Fort Collins a smooth one. Please remind your student that they can visit us in the Lory Student Center (room 274) or on the web. Whether in person or online they can find more information on:

  • Student Handbook…late-February, all students living in the residence halls will receive a handbook titled “Off-Campus Life Student Handbook: Cruisin’ into Living Off Campus.”  Topics include: where to search for housing, budgeting, leases, roommates, utilities, safety, good neighboring tips, city codes and ordinances (noise, occupancy limit, nuisance gatherings, parking, snow shoveling, etc.), and much, much more!
  • Life’s online rental search that is strictly for CSU students – find housing, search for roommates, etc.  
  • Where Will I Live Next Year (February 5, 17; March 4)…workshops that include guest speakers from Student Financial Services, Student Legal Services and the City of Fort Collins Neighborhood Services office. Speakers will tackle the topics of lease-signing, budgets, city ordinances, rental housing standards, off-campus parties, renter’s insurance, etc.
  • 30th Annual Housing Fair (Wednesday, March 4, Lory Student Center Grand Ballroom)an event where your student can visit with landlords, apartment complex managers and property managers, utilities companies and more while gathering information on places to live around town. Also, other services such as storage places, renter’s insurance and city resources will be present.
  • Getting to Year 2 @ CSU conference sessions: Housing Options After the 1st Year and Party Smart: How to Host a Successful Party in Fort Collins (February 24th & 25th)…this conference is designed to assist students with the transition to a second year at CSU. Our specific sessions will help with selecting housing (on and off etc.) and local ordinances and laws.

The resources above are all here to help your student be successful in making the transition into the Fort Collins community. And before they get started with finding a place, they are probably thinking about who they want to live with. While moving into a place in the Fort Collins community can be a very exciting time, there is an important first step to take before making the move. 

Selecting Roommates

Many students jump into signing leases with their friends before considering whether their friend will make for a good roommate for the 10 or 12 month lease they are legally locked into. In fact, the roommates who never pick up their shoes may be the demise of that great friendship. Here are some things for your student to consider prior to committing to a legally binding lease with their “bestie”:

  • Observation Period: Have your student take a few days to observe their potential roommate(s). How clean/ messy do they keep their current room? Do they like to hit snooze 20 times in the morning before rolling out of bed? Do they neglect food in the fridge for far too long? Students can sometimes put blinders on when it comes to living with their best friends. By taking the time to observe current behaviors, they will get a better picture of how next year may look.
  • Values Clarification: College is all about self-exploration. Have your student take advantage of what they are learning and have them continue the discussion with their potential roommates. Explore values and communication styles (text messaging, in person, etc.). Have them ask open-ended questions instead of simply getting yes/no answers.
  • Roommate Contracts: Sure, your student may have thought their residence hall roommate contract days were far behind them. It turns out that the stuff they learned in the halls is invaluable! Students should sit down with their would-be roommate(s) and walk through a roommate contract (conveniently located in the back of our Student Handbook!) prior to making a commitment to live with one another. By taking this important step they are insuring that they agree on sleeping habits, cleaning, bill paying, pets, smoking, overnight visitors, noise levels, partying, food, and many more important issues roommates often face.
  • Honesty: Remind your student that open communication needs to be a two-way street. Your student should be open and up front about their values, personal habits, and financial expectations. By being honest up front, they are avoiding sticky situations in the future.
  • Keep an Open Mind: College is the time and place for your student to be open to change. Perhaps living with someone who is from another country or state is just what your student needs.  Sometimes complete strangers make for the best roommates.
  • Finding a Roommate: If your student already knows they are looking to find roommates outside of their current group of friends, have them check out two great resources provided by our office. One is the Roommate Roundup events that our office hosts throughout the summer and academic year which works as a personal meet and greet for potential roommates. Another resource is our RentalSearch site. On the site, your student can not only look for available housing through the postings but they are able to look for available roommates.

Remember, Off-Campus Life is here to help your student successfully live in the great City of Fort Collins.  Visit us in room 274 of the Lory Student Center, or call (970) 491-2248!

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FAFSA Information Due March 1st 

Helpful Reminders and Information from Student Financial Services

By Eleni Beaty | Assistant Director of Client Services - Student Financial Services 

It’s that time of the year when we know students and families are thinking about financial aid for the next academic year.  Financial aid is an important component of any student’s educational journey and we hope you and your student will use the below resources as you complete the financial aid process. 

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is due for priority consideration by March 1, 2015 and the Colorado State University Scholarship Application is also due by March 1, 2015. 

Parents and families can access many financial resources on the Student Financial Services website or through the FAMweb portal (eBilling, Financial Aid, and Tax Information), so talk to your student about how they can grant you access to their records. 

We encourage you and your student to contact Student Financial Services for future planning and support such as:

  • Academics and how it impacts financial aid and scholarship eligibility 
  • Living off-campus
  • Budgeting

Student Financial Services:  970-491-6321 or visit them in Centennial Hall. 

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Lory Student Center: There's no place like home

By Kayla Green  

The Lory Student Center isn’t just a building. To say it is would be a true understatement.

For the nearly 30,000 students on the Colorado State University campus, the LSC provides a one-stop shop for their every last need – from books and grub to entertainment and relaxation. It is a place for personal growth and learning, a hub of multiculturalism and social justice, a venue for intellectual dialogue, and a meeting place for friends and colleagues.

The Lory Student Center is a home away from home. And this past Jan. 27, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends were invited home for what has been one of the biggest celebrations of the new year – the LSC Student Appreciation and Celebration Event, in recognition of the completion of the center’s major overhaul and revitalization.

“I am excited about the renovation of the LSC! I am appreciative of the work that went into making this building so beautiful and such a great place for students, faculty, and staff,” said Vice President for Student Affairs Blanche Hughes.

The Lory Student Center revitalization, which began in 2013, renovated 160,000 square feet and added an additional 40,000 square feet to the student center. It called for updating several 50-year-old mechanical systems, redesigning the south entry of the building for improved circulation, and redesigning the west side of the main and upper levels, including an expansion of the ballroom and food court.

“The Lory Student Center has long been recognized as one of the most active student centers in the country,” said Mike Ellis, executive director of the Lory Student Center and assistant vice president for Student Affairs. “The revitalization of the student center only made sense in that the building had reached its 50-year milestone when the project was approved.  Through the support of students and numerous donors, the LSC renovation has transformed the bricks and mortar of the physical space, reaffirming our role as a world-class student center serving our CSU community.”

Because the LSC is vital to student life on campus, student input was sought throughout the renovation process. The Lory Student Center Governing Board – composed primarily of student volunteers – and the Associated Student of Colorado State University – the university’s student governing board – were instrumental in getting the word out to students through surveys, presentations, and tours. Additionally, each LSC Governing Board chair and ASCSU president assumed different responsibilities, including assisting with the building’s interior design over the course of the project’s renovation.

“We had a lot of input on types of furniture as well as different aesthetic and branding pieces within the student center,” said Brandon Majmudar, current chair of the LSC Governing Board and junior sociology major.

Early on in the planning, it was determined that it would be important for the newly redesigned student center to reflect CSU’s values and rich history. From the Land-Grant and Research walls to the Ram Head installation above the plaza entrance, the new artistic elements in the building serve as a reminder of CSU’s excellence in teaching, research, and service.

“One of my most favorite parts of the new building is the amount of pride that a student can feel walking into it – from the Ram Head installation, to the Land-Grant wall and Research wall on the third floor, you can feel how invested students, staff, and faculty are in making this building feel like the home for students,” said Majmudar.

“This building is more than just a student center. It is more than just the living room of campus – it is a home away from home,” he added.  “So many students, staff, and community members from around the world, around the country, and from down the street have come to know this building as the place they can come to relax, socialize, work, and sometimes even have a little bit of fun.”


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A Tribute to CSU's Legacy Families 

The Weiland "Aggie to Rams" Wall

In honor of the many multigenerational family members who have traveled its halls, Colorado State University’s newly renovated Lory Student Center will soon feature a new display. The Weinland “Aggies to Rams” Wall will serve as a tribute to these loyal alumni whose pride in, and gratitude for their CSU experiences, were passed on through several generations.

Designers who planned the 200,000-square-foot renovation of the Lory Student Center wanted to not only renovate the building, but also enhance the experiences people have within it. Working with CSU stakeholders, the team developed tributes to “tell the story” of Colorado State University, including “Pride and Traditions,” “Land-Grant Heritage,” and “Research that Transforms our World.” The “Aggies to Rams” story captured the heart of CSU alumnus Jason Weinland (liberal arts, Class of 1987). Jason’s own family has multiple connections to Colorado State’s history. 

Jason’s father, Donald Weinland (1965), was a student on campus when the Lory Student Center first opened its doors. Jason’s maternal grandfather, William Ernst (1939), played baseball for Colorado A&M. And now, Jason’s son, Cole, is a sophomore and the fourth generation in his family to attend the University.

Jason’s lineage also includes the senator who carried the legislation for the name change from Colorado A&M to Colorado State University. While not a CSU alumnus himself, Jason’s grandfather, Sen. Ernest Weinland from Loveland, did much to contribute to CSU. Sen. Weinland was cited by former CSU President Bill Morgan in his memoirs as deserving, “Full credit for enabling the institution to break the barrier that held us down at a lower plateau.” 
Jason’s gift to the Lory Student Center project will be named the Weinland “Aggies to Rams” Wall and allow CSU to tell his family’s story, as well as the stories of other multigenerational families, through a tribute of glass, art, photography, and quotes that will be displayed outside the new Grand Ballroom. 

Jason envisions the wall as a way to celebrate CSU’s legacy families. “It’s important to honor and recognize the individuals who came before you and made your experience possible. Therefore, when your time comes, it becomes your obligation to stand up for future generations to ensure they have an even better experience than you.”

For more information about the Weinland “Aggies to Rams” Wall, contact Alexis Kanda-Olmstead, Director of Development for the Lory Student Center, at (970) 491-8217 or 

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Campus Step Up - A Social Justice Retreat 

By Nori McKinney | Third Year student

Campus Step Up: A Social Justice Retreat is much more than what its name gives it credit for. This three day journey, at the YMCA of the Rockies, tackles the components of social justice: privilege, power, subordinated identities, and experiences, at the individual, group, and societal levels. The retreat is sponsored by the Office of Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement (SLiCE) and Residence Life.  Participants, both new-comers and experienced returners, spend rigorous hours discussing topics which aren't commonly tackled in most spaces. The conversations created during this retreat are priceless and incomparable to any event I have ever had the privilege of participating in before.

Much of the time spent at Campus Step Up is dedicated to discussion within groups – large and small. Even though there is time set aside for individual development, the group component is crucial to this retreat. Individuals are encouraged to share their own experiences and knowledge they have with the community. Conner Schmidt, a third-year student, a participant in this year's retreat, touches on this matter and its effect on him: "I am so incredibly thankful for my experience in opening up about myself and my identities, and how I can further use my identities to benefit different groups. It was fun, infuriating, despairing, but most of all, extremely empowering. Everyone needs to do this so we can start treating everyone better."

Social justice fundamentals can be taught anywhere out of a book; however, this retreat emphasizes the capacity one's personal story has to affect change and educate others. A person's story allows others to not only gain knowledge about our society’s effect on their day-to-day life, but also gives insight to where we are as a community and steps we need to take to enact change. A group standard we created that most efficiently explains the effect of personal stories is as so: What is shared here, stays here, but what is learned here, leaves here; this communicates the importance of educating others not at the retreat about the learnings which occurred while respecting people’s private stories and gifts shared between participants.

The "self" is another critical fundamental to Campus Step Up. Within this retreat, individuals, including myself, experience growth and development, as well as self-discovery, around the social identities we hold. Another aspect important to recognize is that anyone within this retreat has the potential to experience some sort of discomfort. The harsh reality is that life is not always happy-go-lucky for those who experience discrimination and injustices. It is essential to have discomfort within the space because it is the most powerful example of why social justice is needed in our world - it is a motivating factor to achieving equity and equality.

With the moments shared and memories made during Campus Step Up, it would be a lie to simply say that it is merely just a social justice retreat. Participating in this program is a life changing experience for most, and a continuing journey for many. "I went up not entirely sure what I would learn or experience, and after three days, I returned home with a full heart and a packed mind. The impact Campus Step Up has had on my character is indescribable in its entirety, but I know that I am more aware of the world around me, respectful, and my comfort zone has expanded a great deal." This quote by Willy Salinas, a fourth-year student, gives testament to the overwhelming power this retreat has on individuals. The moments of tears, of laughter, of discomfort, of sadness, of insight, and of empowerment are precious and invaluable. Campus Step Up always ends with a bittersweet conclusion - having to leave behind a space of acceptance, community, love, and openness, charged with the task of creating this space at CSU when we return. Though we might leave feeling unfinished, there is still so much work all of us have to finish within this never ending, continuous process of social justice and change...  "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." –Rumi

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Leadership Opportunities for Spring 2015

By Andre Foltz | Marketing Coordinator, Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement (SLiCE) 

For students looking for an exciting opportunity to grow and expand their leadership capabilities, the Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement (SLiCE) Office is now accepting applications for the 2015 LeaderShape® Institute at Colorado State University. The LeaderShape® Institute is an interactive, energizing, and unique leadership experience for students. Leadership involves living in a state of possibility, making a commitment to a vision, developing relationships to move the vision into action, and sustaining a high level of integrity. The LeaderShape® Institute program was created in 1986 to improve campus leadership and since then, more than 25,000 participants from over 500 colleges and universities nationwide have been part of the program. CSU just recently celebrated its 10th year of LeaderShape® in 2014 and has graduated over 550 participants of the LeaderShape® institute since its inception.

This highly active hands-on institute provides tools for individuals to: act consistently with core ethical and personal values and convictions, develop and enrich relationships, respect the dignity and contributions of all people, believe in a healthy disregard for the impossible, and produce extraordinary results. As one previous participant stated “LeaderShape helped me realize that I will forever be changing and developing my strengths. I learned both what I can do on my own and what a community can help me accomplish.”

Each day of the week, students focus on a different leadership theme. On day one, students go over the topic of “Building Community” and begin to explore what leadership means and discuss its core components. The second day revolves around “The Value of One, The Power of All” where students participate in experiential team building activities and explore the concept of inclusive leadership. The theme for the third day is “Challenging What Is, Looking to What Could Be” where students work on developing their own vision for the future which defines a bold change for the community, group, cause, or organization back home. On day five “Living and Leading With Integrity,” students will discuss how core ethical values, thoughtful decisions, and courage all play critical roles in sustaining integrity and fostering trust and respect. Finally, the last day of the conference culminates in a Learning Community commencement ceremony where students prepare to return home and face their responsibilities as a LeaderShape® graduate who practices the discipline of “leading with integrity.”

The Colorado State University LeaderShape® Institute will take place after the last week of classes in the spring semester at Pingree Park – CSU’s Mountain Campus from May 18th – 23rd. While students who attend are required to stay for the entire week, transportation, lodging, and food is all provided at no cost, a value of $900 per person. Those students who will be graduating in the spring can also attend. 

CSU LeaderShape® Institute applications are now available on Applications for the CSU LeaderShape® Institute are due March 6th by 5pm. For more information, please contact the Undergraduate LeaderShape® Coordinator, Kira Mazzola at or the SLiCE Front Desk at or (970) 491-1682.

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Commencement Information: Celebrate your graduate!

If you have a student graduating in May … congratulations! This is a very exciting time for both you and your student. Since graduation will be here soon, we encourage you to talk with your student about ordering a cap and gown. The deadline to order is April 8, 2015.

Grad Pack prices start at $39 and include:

  • Cap, gown, and tassel rental 
  • Alumni Association Annual Membership
  • Diploma frame discount

To view additional Grad Pack options or to place an order, click here

Give a gift your grad will love with a Life Membership to the Alumni Association! Life Member Grad Packs are $750 and include all items in the Annual Grad Pack, plus a Life Membership in lieu of the Annual Membership. The Alumni Association Membership is a great way for your graduate to stay connected to CSU through exclusive member benefits, professional development and career services, access to short-term major medical insurance and more. Click here to learn more.

Questions? Please contact the Alumni Association at (800) 286-2586. 

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The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is due for priority consideration by March 1, 2015 and the Colorado State University Scholarship Application is also due by March 1, 2015.  

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