Thanks so much for your interest in Hometown RAMFAM Clubs!  It’s exciting to see interest from parents and families from across the nation  in gathering and supporting each other while their student is at Colorado State University, and we welcome you to the RAMFamily! 

The RAMFAM Association consists of all parents and families of current Colorado State University students.  It is free to join and we encourage engagement as time and interest allow.  We are excited that you have chosen to step up to the next level of involvement by getting involved with a Hometown RAMFAM Club in your area!  The possibilities for camaraderie, support, and outreach to other parents and families at your local level are a truly endless, and we want to help make those connections.  This website will give you the necessary tools to start, develop, and grow your Hometown RAMFAM Club - or to connect with existing clubs. 

If you are interested in starting a Hometown RAMFAM Club in your area, or connecting with an existing club, please review the information below and contact John Henderson.

In addition to local events in your area, we'd like to connect with you from campus!  Here are a few ways to stay connected: