Story of My Student’s Life
You have just been given a contract to write your student’s biography for a major publishing company.  Your agent Harry Hardnose is anxious to get to press.  He has decided to help you get started with a few probing questions.

On a piece of paper:

  • Write the title of a popular song – this will be for the name of your student’s book
  • List a table of contents
  • Name of the place where your student was born
  • Description of the events/activities/jobs your student was involved with in high school
  • Description of your student’s goals and activities in college (major, involvement, interests)
  • Draw a picture of your family
  • On the back cover of the book, draw a picture of where you see your student in 5 years

Materials Needed:  Paper & markers

Six Degrees of Separation
It happens all of the time: we meet someone who knows someone we know.  It’s a small world, that’s for sure.  The object of this game is to see how small the world really is.

  • First, find a partner.  Introduce yourselves and find something you have in common.  Examples could be:  where your student went to school, month and/or year your student was born, food likes, sports likes, etc.
  • Once you have introduced yourselves and found something in common, find another group in the room and discover what the 4 of you have in common.
  • Repeat step two until you find something in common with every person in the room.

Materials Needed:  Time & space for everyone to connect

Race for the Truth
You and the other “runners” in the room are about to embark on a race for the truth.  Your goal is to cross the finish line as quickly as possible by truthfully answering questions about yourself and your student as you follow the facilitator’s directions.

  • Line up on the starting line as directed by the facilitator.
  • In a moment you will hear a statement.  If it is true about you or your student, move forward one step.  If it is false, remain at the finish line.
  • For each statement, move forward if it is true and remain where you are if it is false.
  • Repeat step three until the first “runner” completes the race.

Materials Needed:

  • 2 Long Pieces of String for the Start and Finish Lines
  • List of Statements Related to The Group
    • I am excited my student is attending CSU
    • I wish my student would have stayed closer to home
    • My student grew up in this state
    • I am a first-time college parent
    • I am a seasoned college parent
    • My student is a ______ major
    • My student plays sports/is interested in Greek Life/volunteers, etc
    • My student likes his/her roommate

Candy Confessions
You have just taken a job as a candy tester in the Candy Confessions factory.  What makes this candy different from other candy is that each flavor is associated with a fact about your student. Your job is to select and “test” four different candies from a bowl/box that will circulate among all testers.

  • Choose four candies from the bowl without looking.  In a moment, a key code will be revealed, indicating which truths you should tell.
  • Once the code has been revealed you may begin your confession.

Materials Needed:

  • Basket of Candy
  • Example of a Key Code  (choose some that relate to parents and families and some that relate to students)
    • Kit Kats = Your favorite movie, favorite magazine, favorite song, or favorite book
    • Krackle = Your favorite vacation spot, place you would like to visit, place you would least like to visit, or worst vacation
    • Lollipop = Student’s major, dream job, greatest achievement, or highest ambition
    • Hot Tamales = Your biggest hope for your student while attending CSU
    • Kisses = Wildcard [tell us anything]