Colorado State University actively partners with students' parents and families to support students' academic success and personal development while also assisting families to become appropriately involved and connected with their students and the University.

Our services are shaped by the mission statement and our ethical standards:

  • We value parents’ and families’ appropriate involvement in, and support for, their students’ collegiate experience at Colorado State University.
  • We value students’ freedom of choice and decision making. 
  • We serve as active partners with students and their families in guiding and empowering students in their decision making.
  • We are committed to helping students become assertive, responsible, educated, productive, and respectful global citizens.
  • We collaborate with others to create educational environments that foster holistic student development.
  • We actively promote programs and services that demonstrate our value and respect for human worth, dignity, and diversity.
  • We maintain confidentiality and honor privacy, while abiding by legal and university regulations and requirements regarding student records.
  • We value life-long learning and development for students, their families, the University community and ourselves.
  • We actively use assessment to inform and improve our work with students and their families.
  • We are responsible to students, their families, and the Colorado State University community.

Concepts of this document were adapted from: CAS Statement of Shared Ethical Principles, NASPA Ethical Principles & Practice, and ACPA Ethical Principles & Standards