Of course each Hometown RAMFAM Club will have its own plans and activities (its own flavor, if you will) but there are a few requirements that should be followed to give your club structure and credibility through the University. 

  • Each club should hold a general meeting at least three times per year in a designated location.  Ideally, the location(s) will become routine so the meetings are easy for new members to find.  This could be a member’s home, a nearby park, a reserved room in a local restaurant, etc.  If you need assistance planning your first meeting, call us at 970-491-6680 and we can help brainstorm location ideas. 
  • There is no fee to join the RAMFAM Association and dues cannot be charged for Hometown RAMFAM Clubs.
  • Meeting times and locations should be advertised well in advance of the meetings.  This can be done via email and on the CSU Parent and Family website.  In addition, we are happy to help identify potential members to assist you in developing your Hometown RAMFAM Club invite list.

Each club should create positions that make sense for your organization.  We recommend the following organizers to get started:

Hometown RAMFAM Club Coordinator

  • This person organizes and calls all meetings, develops the agenda for meetings, runs each meeting and supports the chairs of each event.

Chair of Spring Recruitment Events

  • This person coordinates activities for spring meeting, develops programming to support existing members, works with various CSU entities to partner on new student events, and recruits additional Hometown RAMFAM Club members.

Chair of Summer Sendoff

  • This person coordinates sendoff activities with the community, with Parent and Family Programs, and with other CSU entities, if needed.

Chair of Winter Meeting and Student Support Initiatives

  • This person coordinates activities for the winter meeting, finds creative ways to talk about student issues and challenges and successes for each of the members’ students, and develops a relationship-building activity for Hometown RAMFAM Club members.